Are you a wedding professional in NC?  Would you like to affiliate your company and/or business with the campaign, “Operation
Marry Me Military”?  

What we are:
  We are a wedding company, Oak Island Photography & Weddings,  who decided to give back to our military! What we
have become,....well, it is kinda incredible! :)

How we did it:  When we decided to this, we called other local wedding professionals in our county.  Within 3 days, we had a $15,000
wedding together….for FREE! People have been jumping at the ideal to give back to our service men.  The response from the
community is tremendous, and overwhelming!

How you can do it:  It is really simple!  You need to find a county director who is willing to donate their time.  (one in your county) This
should be really easy.  There is a form below with required categories to get you started.  Once you get the required categories filled
up with sponsors, send me the application!  You are well on your way to hosting a FREE military wedding.

Our personal mission:  We hope to get all 100 counties in NC to participate eventually.  We think it would be really neat for NC to be
known as a huge supporter of our troops by giving a free wedding every Veterans Day.

What is the cost to affiliate with Not one cent! It is all volunteering your time and resources.

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How to get YOUR county on board....
1. Print out a Hosting County Application
2. ALL vendors and donated items must be from the county you are
3. All contestant applications will be mailed in to the Operation MMM
Headquarters in Oak Island, NC.
4. You must have all of the required vendors listed with a value amount prior
to sending in your application.
5. We will only accept one application per county.  Therefore, it is important to
get all vendors on board prior to submitting your application.
6. Once approved, it is YOUR wedding, and you can run it however you see fit
as long as you are abiding to our guidelines.
7. When choosing a vendor in the county, they must a. have a free standing
building or office space in which they meet with clients IN the county b. must
have a local telephone number c. must have a local mailing address within
the county d. must be affiliated with a local group that can verify the validity.
ie: Chamber member, Wedding committee, etc.
8. You will not be able to request brides from your area.
9. You must realize that there may be times that you never even meet with
you bride face to face.  We get applications from all over the world.  
10. You are not responsible for transportation of the bride and groom.
11. Any extras that you choose to provide are an added bonus. You may add
to wedding right up to the wedding day.
12. When having media relations, you MUST give them a press release that is
located on this site! The main site: must appear in
the media contact.... PLEASE tell your media rep this required!
12. Each county must have a free standing website or blog dedicated to their
wedding with vendors names, contact info, and
a copy of our press release.
( and are free, and there are several other
discounted sites such as for $25) Also, a Facebook page for
your county is useful.
Please see below for other county websites as
13. Each county will be referred to as Operation Marry Me Military (and your
county). For example:
Brunswick county is: Operation Marry Me Military Brunswick.
Pender would be: Operation Marry Me Military Pender
14. Wedding must be for a minimum of 50 guests.
15. Each county should submit at least one photo of the winning couple at
the wedding and one printed publication about their county OMMM to
headquarters. (ie: Newspaper, Magazine) This will go in to our OMMM scrap
2012 Participating Counties:

Brunswick:                                                      Kim & Brandon

Cabarrus::                                            Autumn & Joshua                          

Lee:                                                                                 Chotta & Thomas

Craven:                                                                   Michelle & Dustin

New Hanover:   Amber & Saj

Buncombe:                                  Ashly & Zachary

Mecklenberg:    Amber & Jeffrey
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