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Press Release

Summary: In 2011 Alecia Davis-Geddings of Oak Island Photography & Weddings, in Brunswick County
created a campaign.  Her goal was to offer a contest to allow a lucky military person to be married for
free on Veteran's Day.  Alecia issued a challenge to other counties to do the same.  Within weeks,
several counties came forth to participate. Operation MMM married five couples throughout the state, its'
first year, on 11-11-11 totalling over $200,000 in free goods and services.  Alecia's personal mission is
by 2021 to have all 100 counties in NC participating by offering a free wedding every Veteran's Day.

Release:   OMMM accepted applications from February 2012 until July 30, 2012. August 16, 2012
Operation MMM announced seven winners who will have a wedding held in seven counties in North
Carolina.  All seven weddings will take place on November 11, 2012, Veterans Day.  Brunswick, New
Hanover, Craven, Lee, Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Buncombe counties are excited to host these
completly free weddings.  The donated weddings range in value from $10,000 to $120,000.

All counties must provide free lodging, venues, photographers, caterers, officiant, flowers, director, and
more.  All vendors and services must come from the county in which they are hosting.  This is a good
opportunity for competitors to come together and unify for this wonderful cause.

Additional Information from founder Alecia Geddings:  Being the daughter of a US Army Veteran, I felt
compelled to give back.  I knew that nothing I could offer would be grand enough or deserving enough
for all that our military does for us.  I contemplated day and night on how I could make at least a small
difference in the lives of our military.  Then it hit me! I was the owner of a thriving photography and
wedding business, and I could at least assist a military member in starting their new life as a married
couple.  I felt I had no choice, I had to do it.  Quickly, word spread like wildfire, and within a few days I
had a $20,000 wedding donated to the unknown couple.  Vendors from other counties started calling me,
and within weeks, there were five weddings planned throughout the state of North Carolina.  Keeping the
vendors within your county is tricky, but it has brought together many competitors and formed bonds
within our industry.  I am honored that so many jumped on board to be a part of my vision.  Each and
every county has brought a sense of excitement, and it is amazing to see our industry come together.  
Brittany Adams O'niel of BAO events, summed it up best when she called me on the phone and simply
said, "I want to give back to those who give all".   It was at this moment, her very words became our
official slogan.  I know it is only a small part that I am doing, but I hope that I can make a special
memory for those deserving much more than a wedding.

"Giving back, to those who give all"
For more information contact:
Alecia Geddings, Oak Island Photography  & Weddings